Eurostone Real Estate

We offer, the following services;

Purchase – Sale


We advise a large number of (end) users with the various real estate needs, such as renting office space. We normally start, with a first opinion on the current location(s) of the organization.

Furthermore, we offer the following leasing activities:

  • Preparation of the program of requirements
  • Drafting long list of available locations
  • Preparation of the program of requirements
  • Applying for rent proposals with all major rental terms.
  • Negotiation of all (rent) conditions.
  • Check of delivery report







We rent commercial space on behalf of (private) investors and /or current tenants who want to sub-let their real estate location. In good mutual consultation with our clients, we determine the (online) marketing strategy and start as soon as possible, to achieve results as good as possible.


Acquisition of real estate
We advise our clients during each phase of the procurement process relating to the investment objects and/or real estate portfolio(s). This consist out of, the (technical) due diligence phase, negotiations and to final acquisition. We make an analysis of the real estate market data, keys as rent price and profitability and in consultation with the client the negotiations. Our goal is the final acquisition of the property for the optimal conditions.

Sale of real estate
We advise our clients in all phases of the sale process of the investment object(s) and/or real estate portfolio(s).

We make an analysis of the real estate, coordinate preliminary investigations, advise in the pricing and other terms and determine together with the client the method of marketing.


Our consultancy is formed by number of services, for which we and/or our partners have the expertise.

Sale- and leaseback
We guide end users the ability to sell and at the same time back renting property. Factors play as “off balance”, released capital, operational costs and corporate strategy an important role.

Portfolio analyses
The screening of existing real estate portfolios. Our goal is identification of efficiency improvements, by merging, shedding and revising existing rental terms.

Investment analyses
Drafting financial models for investment decisions within housing projects. For example NET present value calculations and operational cost advice.

Asset – Property management

Eurostone Real Estate attaches great importance to the self-maintain with tenants, because they form the basis of a successful investment. We can offer property management ability where investments can be accommodated, maintained and optimized. Furthermore we assist in supporting investors in optimizing their existing portfolios.